Books for Carbohydrate Addicts:

Choosing The Right Book
For You or Someone You Love

One Size Doesn't Fit All

If you are addicted to carbohydrates, your body reacts to starches, snack foods, junk food, and sweets in a whole different way. Your body drives you to eat more and more and to gain weight more easily. For you, loss of control is clearly not a matter of will power but simply a matter of biology.

You need a program that corrects the cause of your cravings and weight gain and improves your health all at the same time - without asking you to measure or weigh your food, count grams, or limit your portions.

You need a program that offers you the food you love, every day, including the carbohydrate-rich foods that we all need and enjoy, while cutting your cravings and helping to balance your insulin and blood sugar levels.

The books below provide a choice of programs that include step-by-step plans and jump-start plans. Some focus on health issues, some on weight loss, some on both. Some plans are more appropriate for kids, some for those over 40, and some are appropriate for adults of all ages.

An Easy Guide

Choosing the right book is easy. Look over the books and the descriptions that follow; each provides easy and concise info. As you read, you're almost sure to find the one that calls to you and offers you the help you have been seeking.

These books are the result of over a decade of scientific research but, even more, they are written with love and compassion, from two authors who have lost a total of over two hundred pounds and who have maintained their ideal weight - without struggle or deprivation - for over a dozen years.

In the books that follow, may you, or someone you love, find the joy and freedom that we and so many others have found and that we will never take for granted.

With much love,
Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller





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250 All-New Low-Carb Recipes
for all Carbohydrate Addict's Programs
and great for other carbo-conscious dieters.

Three new and revolutionary counters




Break Your Carbo-Insulin Connection
to Heart Disease

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Book Description:
A revolutionary and livable approach to heart disease prevention and heart health promotion designed especially for the carbohydrate addict of any age. Discover the insulin connection to high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, risk-related blood fats, weight gain, insulin resistance, adult-onset diabetes, and their link to heart disease.


Help Your Child or Teen Break Free of Junk Food and Sugar Cravings - For Life!

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Book Description from Amazon Books, "The Largest Booksellers On Earth":
"When the Hellers wrote their bestselling The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, readers begged them for an eating program they could share with their children. This book explains how children--overweight or not--can beat sweets and junk-food cravings to take back control of their weight, their feelings, and their behavior."

Reader Comments:
"I cannot express how grateful I am for this book. My son is a new child. He no longer dreads schoolwork; he no longer fears the teasing he used to endure. He feels like a success for the first time in his young life. What more can I say? I thank God that I realized, as the Hellers say, that "it was not what was eating my child, but what my child was eating" that was causing his problems and that their program really worked!"
"Just like me, my daughter was carbohydrate addicted. Maybe I should say 'is carbohydrate addicted' but since she's been on the program, she no longer craves the junk food that used to rule her life. She has lost more than twenty pounds (five more to go) and without a single battle. She looks wonderful and she is the happiest I have ever seen her."

Pointers from the Drs. Heller:
Pros: Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids, is an especially important book to us; it was written with a deep and personal commitment to help youngsters avoid the pain, self-blame, and challenges that we, as kids, were forced to endure. It has been designed to help kids break free of carbohydrate's powerful blood-sugar-related effects on behavior, learning, attention, mood, impulse control, and/or weight. An easy test helps parents determine if their youngsters are carbohydrate-addicted, personal stories and simple explanations help parents understand the cause and correction of their kid's addiction to junk food, snack foods, and sweets. A Step-By-Step Plan and a Jump-Start Plan along with lots of options offer parents (and kids) a wide variety of choices for success. Vegetarian and low-fat guidelines and recipes are included along with Quick Fix Meals and advice for the vegetable-phobic youngster.

Cons: This program is so simple and offers such healthy choices that parents may not feel that they have to consult their youngster's physician. We want parents to remember that any changes they make in their youngster's eating program should always be approved by a physician.



A Personalized Plan for Becoming Slim, Fit, and Healthy In Your 40s, 50s, 60s, and Beyond

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Book Description from Amazon Books, "The Largest Booksellers On Earth":
"Drawing from their breakthrough research into the carbohydrate-insulin connection to excess weight and poor health that made The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet such a huge best seller, the Hellers offer readers a comprehensive, straightforward STAR program--a plan that is Simple, Targeted, Adaptable, and Rewarding for people over 40."

Reader Comments:
"This book saved my life. My weight and blood pressure were out of control. I hated myself, I hated being fat, and I hated the medication I was taking. I was becoming diabetic and my doctor was about to put me on more medication, now something to bring down my blood sugar. I had no place to turn. Then I found The Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program. An easy-to-follow program based on a few simple guidelines and lots of options and I could eat what I loved, lose weight, and get healthy at the same time. It's almost too good to be true. Most amazing: I don't crave carbohydrates anymore and now, no medications. I'm slim and happy and healthy. It's really is my personal miracle."

Pointers from the Drs. Heller:
Pros: This book contains up-to-date research that readers will find vital to permanent success including the pinpointing and eliminating craving and weight gain triggers for the carbohydrate addict such as "healthy foods," over-the-counter medications, additives and artificial sweeteners, stress, the simple act of growing older, and many others. Essential Reward Meal balance information and vegetarian and low-fat guidance and recipes are included. Important new information for those following the CA Diet and a smart choice for the newcomer as well.

Cons: "Some of our of readers in their twenties and thirties do not realize that this book (like carbohydrate addiction) has no age limits. The Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program may have been written with the over-40 reader in mind but it still provides new and vital info for readers of all ages. If you are under forty, the book is still appropriate and very helpful and it will continue to guide you for many years to come."



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Book Description from Amazon Books, "The Largest Booksellers On Earth":
"For the hundreds of thousands of people who have already discovered The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, and the millions concerned with calories, carbohydrates, and fat, this is an invaluable guide that does and says much more than the T-Factor Fat Gram Counter. Special pocket size: 4" x 6". Original."

Reader Comments:
"...full of surprising information that showed me which foods that were triggering my cravings and weight gain. A great companion to Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program."
"It's a wonderful little book that I began reading for fun and depend on all the time."

Pointers from the Drs. Heller:
Pros: "This invaluable little guide provides a wealth of important information on carbohydrates, fats, calories, surprising triggers, and heart-healthy food choices (low in sugar and fat). Easy and lots of fun to use.

Cons: "Readers may be tempted to rely on carbohydrate grams to determine the best foods for their program. The Carbohydrate Addict's Gram Counter is great as an adjunct to any of our carbohydrate-balancing programs but should not be used as a guide to eating.


A Companion Workbook By The Authors Of The Bestselling Book, The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet

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Book Description from Amazon Books, "The Largest Booksellers On Earth":
"Drs. Heller and Heller provide the additional support that every carbohydrate addict needs to succeed."

Reader Comments:
"...a guide to the mind and soul of the carbohydrate addict and, though it is not a diet book per se, it is an important partner to success in any eating program."

"This book (in combination with the Hellers' eating program) helped me succeed; it's as simple as that. I discovered what had made me fail over and over again in the past and for the first time in my life, when it comes to success, I no longer 'get in my own way'".

Pointers from the Drs. Heller:
Pros: "The Carbohydrate Addict's Program for Success can help you understand and eliminate the internal saboteurs that have challenged your success in the past - old angers, pain, and fears that can undermine your progress. This book (along with one of our carbohydrate-balancing eating programs can help you move freely and easily into success."

Cons: "This book is intended as a partner in success for the carbohydrate addict's eating program. It does not provide weight-loss or health-promoting guidelines but, rather, the emotional and spiritual support and clarity that help make it easier to succeed and to maintain success for life."


A Lifelong Solution To Yo-Yo Dieting

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Book Description from Amazon Books, "The Largest Booksellers On Earth":
"This phenomenal New York Times national best seller offers 'upbeat, positive advice for weight loss success' (Library Journal) ...the Hellers show how it's possible to correct the physically-based cause of carbohydrate addiction--suffered by 75 per cent of Americans--and experience easy, permanent weight loss."

Reader Comments:
"A non-deprivation way to lasting weight loss--it works!"
"... it is a God-send and a miracle. Anyone who feels they can't control their cravings for carbohydrates or thinks they can't lose weight owes it to him/herself to check out this book. The program really works!

Pointers from the Drs. Heller:
Pros: "This first book holds essential information on determining if you are carbo addicted, what may be triggering your carbo cravings and weight struggles, and a jump-start program for eliminating cravings and weight problems. The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet is available in an inexpensive mass-market edition."

Cons: "The original research upon which this book was based is over eight years old and, therefore, new and vital data regarding the impact of a wide variety of triggers will not be found in this book. Although it is less expensive than some of our other books, by virtue of its age, this book may not contain some information essential to the success of the reader including vital Reward Meal balancing information."


The Scientific Breakthrough Program For Looking,
Feeling, And Staying Healthy Without Deprivation

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Book Description from Amazon Books, "The Largest Booksellers On Earth":
"...a revolutionary breakthrough in medical science and a sure-fire program for avoiding and reversing diseases; for the carbohydrate-sensitive who are failing to reap the benefits of low-fat diets."
"Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller inspire and motivate as they reveal an astonishingly easy three-step plan for putting into practice this important breakthrough in medical knowledge."

Reader Comments:
"Being overweight was just one of my health problems. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. I love to say 'had'. Healthy For Life changed it all. Slowly but surely I changed my eating, without struggle. My health and my life have turned around. I could never say 'thank you' enough!"

Pointers from the Drs. Heller:
Pros: "This step-by-step plan will take readers slowly into a health-promoting program designed to reduce insulin-related health risk factors that often plague carbohydrate addicts. Additional easy options will help maximize the positive effects of this program."

Cons: "Healthy For Life is not a quick weight-loss program; it was designed as a slow-change weight-loss and health-promoting program to reduce blood pressure, undesirable blood fat levels, along with excess weight levels. The Program guidelines are a bit less demanding than our other programs (no time limits and a somewhat wider variety of food choices) but for the true carbohydrate addict, this program may not support the rapid elimination of cravings and quicker weight loss that our other programs offer. For readers of Healthy For Life who seek a faster-paced weight loss, we recommend that they move directly to the Advanced Program (in this book), balance their Carbohydrate-Rich Meal with protein and Risk-Reducing vegetables, and complete their Carbohydrate-Rich Meal within one hour. Or, as an alternatives, they may choose to consult The Carbohydrate-Addict's LifeSpan Program.

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