America's kids need help. And so do their parents.

As many as one in three kids are overweight and untold numbers of children and teens are showing increasing evidence of learning, behavioral, and impulse control problems as well as mood swings.*

Weight-loss diets not only fail to bring about permanent change in children and teens, they may be putting them in great danger.The use of prescription medications to treat learning and behavioral problems has tripled in the past few years yet, not only do they fail to correct the cause (offering little but lifelong "band-aid" solutions), drugs' powerful side effects can have detrimental, far-reaching and negative impact on our youngster's growing minds and bodies.

Carbohydrate addiction affects up to 74% of youngsters who struggle with their weight and an untold number of children and teens who have been diagnosed with behavior, motivation, concentration, and learning problems as well as mood swings.

In the the links that follow, you will find information to help you learn more about your youngster's carbo connection and what you can do to bring balance back to his/her life.




The Book
and the Help it Offers
to Parents, Kids, and Teens

In our book, Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids, we offer two programs. On The Step-By-Step Plan, youngsters move at a slower pace, choosing Add-Ons, Hold-Ons, and Swaps - one each week - in order to effortlessly balance their carbohydrate intake and the insulin and blood sugar levels that have ruled their lives. On The Jump-Start Plan, in addition to high-fiber and protein-rich meals and snacks, older children and teens enjoy a daily Reward Meal®; a special mini-feast that allows youngsters to eat the foods they love without counting or measuring, while experiencing a rapid decrease in cravings and insulin and blood sugar swings.

Our book, Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids, provides parents with:

  • A Step-By-Step Plan and a Jump-Start Plan that encourage parents to choose the best rate of change for their children and teens

  • A daily Reward Meal® along with easy, and delicious insulin-regulating meals and snacks

  • Holiday, vacation, celebration, and party indulgences

  • Freedom from food measuring, weighing, and exchanges

  • Self-esteem from a new sense of self-control in eating, behavior, and ability to concentrate

  • Easy and permanent weight-loss and/or elimination of behavior and mood problems

Our book, Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids, also provides parents with:

  • A detailed Carbohydrate Addiction Quiz for Children and Teens® along with scoring and profiles

  • Vital information on unexpected addiction "triggers"

  • Our own powerful stories and case histories

  • Supporting scientific research and strategies for permanent success

  • Special help for the vegetable-phobic youngster

  • Delicious, fun, and easy vegetarian, low-fat, and QuickFix recipes

The two carbohydrate-balancing plans you will find in the our book, Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids, are designed to correct the very cause of a youngster's carbohydrate hunger itself and bring to children and teens freedom from blood-sugar-related weight, behavior, learning, concentration, motivation and mood problems.

Our book, Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids, offers parents a way
to help children and teens break free of junk food and sugar cravings
- without struggle and without deprivation.

* With physician's counsel, non-diet-related reasons for these conditions must first be ruled out.

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