Rachael Heller (Before)

is NOT a matter of willpower,
It's simply a matter of biology!

When you correct the physical cause
of cravings, hunger, and weight gain,
the struggle disappears
– in a matter of days!

We've been slim, healthy, and happy
recovering carbohydrate addicts for twenty-five years.
Still, we enjoy all the carbs we love – everyday!

Happily Ever After

Dr. Rachael Heller (After)

Richard Heller (Before)

Dr. Richard Heller (After)

We've heard it from so many who wrongly blame themselves:

"I don't know what's the matter with me. Sometimes, when it comes to eating, I'm fine - totally in control.
Then, at other times, I start to eat and, no matter how hard I try and no matter how much I want to control myself, I just can't. It's as if something takes hold of me and I just can't keep from eating."

Does this sound like you?

If so, you may be addicted to carbohydrates! If you are, you have come to the right place.

By clicking on the links below, you will learn what we have discovered about the insulin imbalance that may be causing you to lose control, why your cravings, hunger, and weight gain are not your fault, and best of all, what you can do about it.

We know what it's like to be addicted to starches, snack foods, junk food, and sweets, to promise yourself that you'll take control of your eating and weight and fail, day after day after day. We have been there and we have found the way out - for good!

For most of our lives, we endured the pain, shame, and self-blame of being carbohydrate addicted. We failed on diet after diet; blaming ourselves, feeling like failures, miserable, frustrated and at times, hopeless.

Yet somewhere, deep inside, we always believed there was a way out and, miracle of miracles, we found it.

Without struggle and without deprivation, together we have lost over 250 pounds.

More importantly, we have maintained that 250-pound weight loss for nearly twenty-five years!

Now in perfect health, we live without cravings, without weighing or measuring our food, and without the fear that we will ever gain the weight back (and that's the greatest gift of all.)

These webpages are dedicated to sharing all that we have learned and all we have yet to learn in the years to come. May it bring you the answers you seek, the encouragement and motivation you may need, and the joy and peace of mind you deserve.

Beyond the physical freedom that awaits you, may you come to truly understand - for the rest of your life - that you are not to blame!

Carbohydrate addiction is not a matter of will power. It is a matter of biology; pure and simple. We know what causes it and we know how to correct it.

That's why we're here. To share what we have learned and to tell you that, from this moment on, you are never alone again.

As always, before making any change in your diet or activity, consult your physician.

Drs. Richard & Rachael Heller


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