A: There are almost as many different kinds of "protein powders" as there are people who buy them. We have found that in general, however, that protein powders contain ingredients that should NOT be included in low-carbohydrate meals. No matter what the nutrition label indicates, the ingredients spell out the important facts. Most include artificial sweeteners which can stimulate insulin release and lead to carb cravings and/or slow or stop your weight loss*.

While the nutritional label may indicate that an "average serving" is low in carbohydrates, it is not what it is the drink that counts, but what it does in your body. So if it tastes sweet, in any way, it will almost certainly signal your body that you are consuming carbs (even when you are not) and your body will release insulin. In addition, some protein powders contain different forms of free glutamate.

Even if a food or drink indicates that it does not contain MSG (monosodium glutamate), it can still contain free glutamate which may cause the same cravings and slow down your weight loss as much as MSG.*

If you are on any of the Carbohydrate Addict's Programs, we strongly encourage you to avoid "protein powders" and other strangely concocted, patented, or manufactured products.

On our programs, you will do best when sticking to "real foods". Avoid drinks, mixes, and the like that contain ingredients that are not found in nature - your body was not meant to handle the latest chemical mix from the lab. Take the time to fix yourself real food. You are worth it!

*for more information on the impact of sugar substitutes or MSG, see our FAQ’s on these carb act-alikes.


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