I have been battling my weight problem since the age of 8. I was the proverbial "chubby-kid-who'll-outgrow-the-baby-fat." At age 12, my friends began to pique the interest of boys while I, though not an outcast, was still burdened with my baby fat and hence, was pretty much ignored by the male population.

I can recall feelings of anger and resentment at watching my friends eat every bit as much, if not more, candy and junk food than I did and yet they remained slim, athletic, and happy-go-lucky. I have always known that there was something wrong with the way my body reacted to food.

I sensed something physiologically wrong at a young age because I never truly knew what it was like to be "hungry" and yet, I never knew what it was like *not* to be! I would eat to the point that my stomach would feel bloated, yet I never felt "full." This is indeed a difficult concept to explain to anon-carbohydrate-addicted person. Later in my 12th year, the peer pressure and desire to be accepted drove me to anorexia. I was completely preoccupied with food, waking early in the morning to cook my family lavish breakfasts only to deny myself even a taste of it. I made excuses not to eat meals with the family and lost over 50 lbs. in a matter of 5 or 6 weeks.

People were complimenting me all over the place! My school friends (male and female) noticed and commended me, but it was a hollow victory, for I was very weak and depressed. My family members never knew the extent of my illness. Though I love my family dearly, we were not in tune with one another's daily comings and goings and lived pretty much like "ships passing in the night." It was only when I gave in to my intense cravings, began binge-eating, and quickly gaining back the weight lost plus more, that my family made comments about me "packing it back on again."

I spent subsequent years losing and gaining back literally hundreds of pounds and spending hundreds of dollars on weight loss programs, gimmicks, fad diets, and magic pills. I had periods where I was thin and glamorous and I basked in popularity, but they were always short-lived. Inevitably, the clock always struck midnight, and the golden coach was once again a pumpkin. Having known the joy of living in a body that looked good and felt thin, only to have it grow fat again, spiraled me into many depressive episodes (not to mention the abuse I was giving my endocrine system by constant yo-yo dieting!)

In December of 1994, I was browsing my local bookstore for a very popular diet cookbook that was out at the time. I was preparing myself for my annual New Years-Weight-Loss-Resolution; you know--the "This-is-going-to-be-the-very-last time" thing that happens every December....This particular year, I was also in the midst of a spiritual reconsideration of my entire life and I had been praying to God for guidance and strength in many areas, including weight loss. This day in the bookstore, it happened that they were sold out of the particular book I was seeking. Disappointed, I headed toward the exit but slowed when I approached a table by the door that had a number of books displayed. One of them was "The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet”* and the title caught my eye.

I picked up a copy, read the cover jacket and immediately knew it was talking about me. Within a few seconds I was out the door with a copy and eagerly drove home to start reading.

I tested a severest of the severe addicts :), read the book in a day and a half and began the program on January 1st, 1995. I am now 36 years old, 5'8" and 130 lbs. After a 60 lb. weight loss, I have maintained my weight for over a year and a half- an all-time record for me!! I wrote to the Hellers soon after I reached goal and thanked them for being my "Angels." I will forever hold them in my heart and thank them sincerely for giving me my life back.

Incidentally, this once shy, insecure, overweight adolescent has been lead singer in a classic rock band, and continues to sing publicly as well as perform in local theater. I am so happy and so at peace with my new life and with the knowledge that I have *control* over my addiction. Thank you Drs. Heller, from the bottom of my heart.

Wendy Slader, Rhode Island


Post Script from the Hellers:   We later discovered that Wendy is *modeling* for an agency in New England. Indeed, as we titled her story, Now Wendy shines!


*Please note: The Carbohydrate Addict’s LifeSpan Program contains more current and detailed information than our first book, The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet.