Hi. My name is Donna. I am married and a mother of 4 boys. I am 42 yrs old. I have battled with weight for a good part of my life. I have tried many diets and have lost weight well on most of them although I just gained the weight back once I went on to maintenance and began adding pizza and other carbohydrate foods back in my diet. I suffered with horrible indigestion! I mean it was REAL bad. I sat up 3-6 nights a week (try this on top of 4 little ones waking you every night) with a stomach that felt like I just drank 40 gallons of soda and was going to burst!

If I would have dared to lay down it would get so bad and painful that I could hardly take the pain. When I had bad indigestion I felt driven to eat more and more. I couldn't understand why I kept eating even though I was so full I felt like I was going to burst! I would tell the doctor and he would ask me,"why do you do this to yourself?" My answer was always.....sadly "I don't know." I do know that I just couldn't get food off my mind.

A friend I had known for a long time was on Carbohydrate Addict’s LifeSpan Program and she told me about it. She had taken off quite a bit of weight and so it inspired me to get the book and see what this was all about. I read the book and started the program the next day. I didn't lose weight in the 1st week but now the weight is coming off. At 1st (the 1st week) I experienced headaches and hunger which went away. I have NOT had the indigestion since the day I started The Carbohydrate Addict's LiffeSpan Program  (YEAH!!) Now I am almost NEVER hungry unless I forget to eat because I am not thinking about food all the time. *GRIN*

I once had a pastor that said that he was weak while playing basketball one time and he said that he couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. He started to think and realized that he had not eaten in 3 days! I was utterly SHOCKED that he had 'forgotten' to eat in 3 days!

I wondered how 'forgetting' to eat could be possible. Food was on my mind a lot..a real lot! Well, guess what? Now I have literally 'forgotten' to eat! It has happened to me! (not 3 days worth mind you... but a meal here and there)

I just don't think of food much anymore. It is like a freedom that I cant explain unless you have been there. *GRIN* Now my goals are to climb a mountain and take lots of uphill hikes to waterfalls and to finally again be able to get up on my horse without my tummy being in the way! This next statement brings tears to my eyes. It feels really good to know now that all along " IT WAS NOT MY FAULT" My thanks go to God for leading me to this program and to the Hellers.


Donna V., Colorado




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