The data, opinions, and experiences related on this web site reflect the authors' experiences and are not intended to replace medical advice. It is not the intent of the authors to diagnose or prescribe. The intent is only to offer information to familiarize the visitor with the basic premises behind the Hellers' series of books. Data, opinions, or experiences related on this web site are not intended to replace or provide the equivalent information of the programs as described within the Hellers' books. No program cannot be construed from the information provided in this web site.

Only your doctor can determine whether or not any of the programs is appropriate for you. Before embarking on any of the programs as discussed here or any other program you should always consult your physician. In addition to regular checkups and supervision, any questions or symptoms should be addressed to your physician.

In the event you use this information without your doctor's approval, you are prescribing for yourself and the authors assume no responsibility.

As with any eating, activity, or stress-reducing program, one size cannot fit all, and your program should be individualized in conjunction with your physician. It is important that together you develop your own specific program based on his/her advice and your own particular requirements and preferences, so that you may derive the best benefit from these programs.

All data provided in this website is intended to be used in conjunction with the appropriate and corresponding book by the Hellers (as above), and ONLY with the express approval as well as monitoring by one's own physician.

There are many causes for eating, weight, behavioral, learning, and emotional problems in youngsters and in adults. It is essential to rule out any other cause of difficulties before embarking one of the Hellers' programs or utilizing the aforementioned web site pages or services. As with any eating or activity program, one size cannot fit all, and any and all programs should be individualized in conjunction with a physician's recommendations. It is important that together, you and your physician (or your youngster's physician), develop an appropriate and safe program.

At all times, you should be guided a physician; let your physician help you and make important suggestions. Bring the information and book to the doctor's office. Have the physician read it and understand the program and advise you before any changes are made.

As in all matters, physician's recommendations should be PRIMARY.

The information on this web site is not intended for those with medical problems or for pregnant or nursing women or for the young child. The needs of these individuals are so specialized that they cannot be discussed here.

Children needs are specialized and differ according to age, general development, etc. Therefore, adapting the program to meet your child’s needs is essential and can only be done by a qualified physician. Consultation with and approval by a qualified physician prior to allowing your youngster to begin any program, along with constant monitoring by that physician, are essential.

NOTE: As new scientific information becomes available, recommendations may undergo changes. These changes cannot always appear in a timely fashion.

In addition, the Drs. Heller cannot be responsible for errors or omissions of themselves or of others, or for consequences from application of the Hellers' books and make no warranty, expressed or implied, in regard to the contents therein. Any practice described herein should be applied by the web site visitor in accordance with professional standards of care used in regard to the unique circumstances that may apply to each situation.
The website visitor is advised ALWAYS to confer with a physician before making any changes whatsoever.


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