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Would your child or teen be happy to live on little else except sandwiches, snack foods, junk food, and sweets?

Within two hours after eating a full meal, does your youngster sometimes go looking for a snack?

Does your youngster consume frequent or great quantities of juice, fruit, soda (diet or regular) or sports drinks?

If denied junk food, snack foods, or sweets, might your youngster become upset or irritable?

Is your child or teen overweight or hyperactive and/or show extremes in moodiness, lack of motivation, lack of impulse control or an inability or unwillingness to concentrate?

Once your youngster starts eating snack foods, junk food or sweets, does he or she have a difficult time stopping?

Do you notice changes in your youngster's behavior or energy level after he or she has been eating or drinking junk food, snack foods, or sweets?

Does your youngster have at least one blood relative who appears to be carbohydrate addicted or who has adult-onset diabetes?


(Count your "yes" answers)

0 - 2

While your youngster may enjoy indulging in starches, snack foods, junk food or sweets, he or she does not appear to be addicted to these foods.

3 - 4

Your youngster is probably mildly addicted to carbohydrates. Under stress or as your child or teen grows older, this addiction may grow worse and, in time, affect your youngster's health, weight, behavior and/or ability to concentrate.

5 - 6

It is likely that your child or teen has a moderate carbohydrate addiction which has probably remained undiagnosed and untreated. This sensitivity to carbohydrates may be having a negative impact on your youngster's ability to learn or concentrate or may be affecting his or her weight, moods, or impulse control.


Your child or teen appears to have a strong addiction to carbohydrates that, most likely, is having a negative impact on behavior, motivation, impulse control, ability to concentrate, mood swings, or weight. As your youngster grows older, he or she may be at increased risk for health problems.

Is your child or teen having weight, behavior, attitude,
motivation, learning, or mood problems?

It may not be what's eating your kid,
but rather what your kid is eating!


Parents of carbohydrate-addicted children and teens can find: struggle-free and deprivation-free guidance, a Step-By-Step Plan as well as a Jump-Start Plan, a complete quiz and analysis,
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recipes and more in our Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids.

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