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Q: In your book, The Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program, you talk about the importance of balancing my daily carbohydrate-rich (Reward) meal. From reading your earlier book, I thought I could eat whatever I want at my Reward Meal?

A: This is one of the most common errors we encounter and it can lead to weight-loss being slowed or halted as well as triggering cravings. In our earlier book, we indicated that during Reward Meals® you could eat anything you want as you would in a balanced feast; we did not say you could eat everything you wanted in an unbalanced binge.

e realize that it is essential to specify exactly what we mean by a "balanced" Reward Meal®. First, there is no need to ever count, measure or weigh your food. Simply, begin each Reward Meal® with one or two cups of salad. The remainder of the meal should divided into thirds estimated "by eye": 1/3 portion of a protein, such as meat, fish, foul, tofu or the like; 1/3 portion of low-carbohydrate vegetables (steamed, sauteed, or raw); 1/3 portion of carbohydrate-rich vegetables and other foods such as potatoes, rice, beans, and bread. The 1/3 portion of carbos should include your dessert. If you want more food, go back for more of all three. Don't just go back for more carbo. If you want more carbo, include additional protein and low-carb vegetables as well. Then enjoy some dessert.

If you have difficulty balancing your high-carbo meal because of a great carbo hunger at your high-carbo meal: 1) make certain you are not eating hidden carbs or artificial sweeteners at your low-carbo meals during the day. These insulin triggers can set you up for an insatiable carbo hunger later in the day; 2) make certain that you are putting some energy into your non-carbo foods. Don't give yourself (or your youngster) the same old steamed vegetables day after day. Add a cheese sauce or a delicious dip. Splurge and buy a more expensive protein, such as shrimp, in order to add some interest to your non-carbo portion of the meal. Your Reward Meal® should contain a wide-range of your favorite low-carbo and carbo-rich foods.

The Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program, offers essential help in balancing your Reward Meal and its Reward Meal guidelines are most likely to bring you freedom from cravings and a more consistent weight loss.


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