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Q: What is a balanced Reward Meal?

A: Many CAs find that they tend to carbo drift during Reward Meals. Remember, Reward Meals must be balance, they are not "binges". Each Reward Meal begins with a salad of mixed vegetables. The size of the salad will vary from person to person but should represent about 2 cups of salad. The remainder of the meal should be approximately 1/3 low-carb vegetables, 1/3 protein, and 1/3 carbohydrates - your carbohydrate portion should include any desserts you may desire. This balance is vital to the success of the program. You do not have to weigh or measure anything. Just use good your eye to estimate equal portions by size. If you want more carbohydrates, make sure you go back and eat more protein and low-carb vegetables in equal portion. If you fail to balance your Reward Meal, you may find that you have problems losing weight at a steady rate or that you are overly hungry or have cravings later in the evening or upon waking. The following are sample Reward Meals. Remember to keep portions 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 and finish your salad before you begin your meal:


Caesar salad
Veal cutlet parmiagana
Small side of pasta and sauce
Green beans almandine
Sauteed spinach
Smallish slice of apple pie topped a small scoop of ice cream or sherbet
Coffee, tea, water*

Mixed salad with dressing
Stir-fry low-carb vegetables, double portion
Steak, chicken, or fish
Whole grain roll with butter or margarine
Small slice of chocolate cake or fresh fruit salad
Coffee, tea, water*

Spinach salad with crumbled bacon
Corned beef and cabbage
Steamed cauliflower with cheese
Kaiser roll with butter or margarine
Chocolate chip cookies or a fresh fruit salad (or small portion of both)
Coffee, tea, water

Oriental salad of greens and raw vegetables and dressing
Green pepper steak over mushrooms and noodles
Chinese vegetables
Fresh fruit, ice cream, or sherbet
Almond or fortune cookie
Coffee, tea, water*

*If you desire wine, beer, soda, or juice, decrease other carbohydrates a bit or increase proteins and low-carb vegetables in order to keep balance

You can find more detailed Reward Meal balance information, at and in The Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program.


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